Fillet A La Escoffier
Sea fish fillet on Homemade tortellini, Tomato confit sauce,
Charred vegetables and Oregano oil
78 nis

Fish & Chips
Fish chunks, Cauliflower and potatoes wrapped in Beer batter,
topped with Panko and Herbs. Small refreshing salad
of Red onion,Radish, Garlic confit and Hrebs.
Alongside Spicy “Chraime” sauce and Preserved lamon sauce
55 nis

Potato Skillet
 Variety of colored potatoes in smoked remoulade sauce,
Semi-soft egg, Spice mix and Green onion top
48 nis

Pappardelle Pasta
Pasta filled with Parmesan. Rosa confit cherry sauce
48 nis

Romantico Gnocchi
Best gnocchi filled with cheese, Hot beet cream,
Roasted almonds and Ricotta mousse
52 nis

Black & White Risotto
Black risotto, Artichoke and Truffle cream, Parmesan sauce
and Vegetables flowers
56 nis

Mushroom Skillet
Variety of mushrooms cooked in Butter and White wine,
Purple potato confit, Leek in wine, Mangold and Organic carrots.
Served with Toasted brioche and Sour cream
58 nis

Beef Carpaccio
Red onion, Raddish, Pickled red pepper, Garlic aioli,
Raspberry vinegar, Balsamic tapioca, Red Endive
and Micro basil. Alongside homemade foccacia
52 nis

Beef Skewer filet
120g Beef Skewer on a bed of Root cream, Wine sauce and
Seasonal burnt vegetables
54 nis

Beef Concierge
Moroccan bread sandwich with long-cooked ribs, Harissa
and Preserved lemon cream, Garlic aioli
Served with small tomatoes, onion and herbs salad
58 nis

Bun Burger
Two asian streamed buns with burgers made of Entrecote meat,
Iceberg lettuce and Leek confit, Garlic confit and Yuzu.
Served with Bonfire potato, Chipotle aioli and Homemade musturd
58 nis

House bread
Moroccan bread served with special dips
32 nis

Caesar Salad
Salanova & Roman lettuce, Roman Artichokes,
Caesar dressings, Parmesan, Pumpkin seeds and Croutons on top
49 nis

Cherry Tomato Salad
Variety of cherry tomatoes, Black-eyed peas, Lentils,
Hot pepprs, Kalamate Olives, Herbs and Brinza cheese
46 nis

Market Salad
Seasonal vegtebals, Charred vegtebals and Herbs.
Served with Hungarian Hummus
42 nis

Forbidden Salad
Black rice, Red & Black quinoa, Freekeh, Cranberries, Blueberries,
Almonds, Sweet potato, Lentils and Rapsberry vinaigrette.
Sreved with sheep milk yogurt/Tahimi
56 nis

Smoked and Burnt Artichoke
Black eggplant cream, Red salsa,Pesto, Micro basil, Parmesan
46 nis

Cauliflower Steak
Cooked in sumac and smoked paprika. Served with Arabic tahini,
on a bed of Lima bean cream with tarragon, Chili, Herbs salsa
and Roasted almonds
44 nis

Tuna Tartare Focaccia
Tuna with Herbs salsa, Chili, Red onion and Lemon yuzu.
Served on homemade foccacia, Remoulade sauce,
Black Garlic aioli and Presreved lemon cream
46 nis

Sea Fish Ceviche
Gently pressed in soy-tarttufo. Served with Hijiki seaweed
and shitake salad, Sesame seed-oil aioli and Mango yuzu drops.
Alongside homemade foccacia
52 nis

Winter Carpaccio
Seasonal sea fish, Baby cucumber, Zucchini, Dried pepper salsa,
Chili, Micro leaves, Purple and white endive and Preserved
lemon aioli. Alongside homemade foccacia
52 nis

Parfait Brulee Sharing
Creme Brule, Berry jam on top. Served with Whipped cream,
Oreo crumble and Hazelnuts

Sharing Fudge WOW
Hot chocolate cake, Broken meringue, Served with two ice cream scoops

Cookieglida Grenada
Chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips, filled with vanilla ice cream, chocolate rum raisin ice cream, Dutch mini pancakes and pistachio crumble with ganache chocolate

Hot Beverages

English Tea | 14

Jungle boogie
Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Campari, Pineapple, Coconut, Mango, Passionfruit
53/112 nis

Deep purple
Gordon’s Gin, Citrus liqueur, Beet vanilla syrup, Lemon, Orange
53/112 nis

Brain freeze
Smirnoff Vodka, Aperol, watermelon, Orange Lemon, Protein
54 nis

Chartreuse swizzle
Chartreuse Green, Myers’s Rum, Lemon, Pineapple, Homemade spices syrup
56 nis

Melon Tini
Smirnoff Vodka, Midori, Passionfruit, Lemon, Pineapple
52 nis

Wild Turkey Bourbon, Angostura bitters, Lemon, Malbec wine, Protein

Gordon’s Gin, Blue citrus liqueur, Lemon, Coconut, Coconut milk

Chili Con mango
Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum, Lemon Grass and Blackberry syrup, Lemon, Mango, Chili Y liqueur
52 nis

Funky monkey
Captain Morgan Spiced Gold Rum, Baileys, Banana, Caramel, Apricot liqueur, Grapefruit, Vanilla and Banana whipped cream
54 nis

Pink Floyd
Epolon Tequila Reposado, Aperol, Pink Guava, Grapefruit, Banana, Lemon

Sex A Pill
Pisco Capel, Hibiscus Louisa syroup, Angostura bitters, Lemon

Cucumber Season
Gordon’s Gin, Lemon, Cucumber, Mint, Apple gazpacho, Basil
49/112 nis

Arak, Sake, Aperol, Melon, Strawberry, Lemon, Celery bitters
49 nis

Clover Club
Gordon’s Gin, Strawberry, Berries liqueur, Lemon, Protein


Malbec , Alamos  (Dry) Argentina
41/162 nis

Rioja , Crianza De Origen (Dry) Spain
44/184 nis

Vitkin Israeli Journey , Blend (Dry) Israel
48/192 nis

Altozano Tempranillo (Dry) Spain
44/184 nis


Riesling Two Vines (Semi dry) USA
41/162 nis

Chablis , Domaine Des Malades (Dry) France
56/212 nis

Gewurztraminer , Kiwi Cuvee (Semi dry) France
41/162 nis

Altozano , Sauvignon Blanc (Dry) Spain
44/184 nis


Cava Cristalino Brut
42/152 nis



Tuborg red  | 28/32 nis

Carlsberg | 28/32 nis

Weihenstephan| 31/34 nis

Maredsous | 35/45 nis

Stella Artois | 30/34 nis


Corona | 34 nis

Smirnoff | 22/39
Ketel One | 29/54
Grey Goose | 35/60
Van Gohh Acai-Blueberry | 34/59

Gordon’s | 22/42
Tanquerary | 24/47
Tanquerary TEN | 30/60
Hendrick’s | 32/63

Cinzano Bianco | 36
Cinzano Rosso | 36
Cinzano Extra Dry | 36
Camperi | 22/39
Aperol | 22/39

Pampero | 22/36
Captain Morgan Spiced | 22/40
Captain Morgan Black | 28/46
Myers’s | 28/46

Single Malt
Glenfiddich 12 | 32/50
Glenfiddich 18 | 46/60
Macallan | 44/72
Macallan | 66/150
Talisker | 47/66

Espolon Tequila | 22/42
Espolon Tequila | 23/45
Don Julio Blanco | 38/66
Don Julio Anejo | 46/86

Wild Turkey | 81/22/36
Bulleit | 25/46
Bulleit Rye | 26/48
Jack Daniel’s | 25/46
Jameson | 22/36
Bushmills Black Bush 26/42

Averna | 22/38
Fernet Branca | 22/36
Jagermister | 24/40
Chartreuse Green (55%) | 34/56
Chartreuse Yellow (40%) | 34/56

Cognac & Brandy
Hennessy VS | 33/60
Calvados | 32/50
Grappa | 26/60
Pisco Capel | 28/46

Scotch Whisky
Johnnie Walker Red Label | 26/40
Johnnie Walker Black Label 32/50

Fidg | 22/35
Amaertto | 22/46
Midori | 22/36
Southern Comfort | 26/40
Drambuie | 30/47
Malibu | 22/36
Baileys | 26/40

Elite Ha’arak | 22/36
Ouzo | 24/38
Absinthe | 26/48
Pernod | 26/48

Ketel One 750ml | 750
Grey Goose 1L | 950
Tanquerary 750ml | 550
Hendrick’s 750ml | 800
Don Julio Blanco 750ml | 750
Don Julio Anejo 750ml | 1200
Jack Daniel’s 1L | 650
Bushmills Black Bush 700ml | 800
Glenfiddich 18 700ml | 1200

Soft Drinks
Coca cola | 12
Coca cola Zero | 12
Sprite | 12
Sprite Zero | 12
Mineral Water | 12
Ferrarelle Soda | 13/28
Lemonade | 11
Orange Juice | 11
Apple Juice | 11

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